Sensor Research

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Francine H. Hollis
Assistant Professor
Sensory perceptions and evaluation

Curtis Robert Luckett
Assistant Professor
Sensory scientist

David R. Smith
Research Associate II
Circuits & Sensor Design

Charles Neal (Neal) Stewart, Jr.
Transgenic plants, phytosensors

John B. Wilkerson
Sensor development

Wesley C. Wright
Research Associate I
Instrumentation, soil & water management

Timothy M. (Tim) Young
Process analytics



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Sensor Drones 
Many Tennessee farmers use drones to fly over and view crops. UTIA is now working on sensors attached to drones to provide valuable information.


Recent Publications

Effective and efficient agricultural drainage pipe mapping with UAS thermal infrared imagery: A case study Allred, B., N. S. Eash, R. S. Freeland, L. Martinez, and D. Wishart.  2018.  Agricultural Water Management, 197 (2018) 132–137. [Abstract]

Using soil moisture sensors for irrigation management in Tennessee.  Grant, T., and B. G. Leib.  2018.  University of Tennessee - Extension, Knoxville, TN, (draft).

Crossmodal Correspondence between Wine Aroma and Visual Cues.  Heatherly, M., M. Foley, J. P. Munafo, and C. R. Luckett.  2018.  Chemical Senses, Volume 43, Issue 4, 23 April 2018, Pages e1–e136. [Abstract]

Sensitivity to Viscosity Changes and Subsequent Estimates of Satiety across Different Senses.  Luckett, C. R., R. Pellegrino, J. D. Jones, and G. E. Shupe.  2018.  Appetite, Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior Annual Meeting, Bonita Springs, Florida. July 18th. [Abstract]

Sensitivity to viscosity changes and subsequent estimates of satiety across different senses Pellegrino, R., J. D. Jones, G. E. Shupe, and C. R. Luckett.  2018.  Appetite, 133(1): 101-106. [Abstract]

An unamplified RNA sensor for on-site screening of Zika virus disease in a limited resource setting.  Cheng, C., J. Wu, E. Fikring, P. Wang, J. Cheng, S. Eda, and P. Terry.  2017.  ChemElectroChem communications, 4: 1-6.

Capacitive DNA sensor for rapid and sensitive detection of whole genome human herpes virus-1 dsDNA in serum.  Cheng, C., R. Ouestlat, J. Wu, J. Chen, and S. Eda.  2017.  Electrophoresis, 38(12):1617-1623.

Delineating Cotton Irrigation Management Zones and Sensor Location by Soil Fraction.  Leib, B. G., L. Feng, and T. Grant.  2017.  2017 Cotton Beltwide Conference Dallas, TX – January 4 – 6, 2017.

Using a Pressure Plate to Compare Matric Potential Sensors in Two Soils.  Leib, B. G., T. Grant, J. Lee, A. C. Sherfy, and L. Feng.  2017.  Shenyang Soil Physics Workshop August 4-5, 2017 – Shenyang, China.

The Sensory Lab.  Luckett, C. R.  2017.  Land, Life, & Science.

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Disruptions of the Supratemporal Canal in the Snubnose Darter (Etheostoma simoterum).  Williams, Chauntelle  2017.  M.S. Thesis. [Abstract]