Solar Research

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Student Solar Project 
Could bright sunlight provide much-needed power and energy? Some UT students are working to harness solar radiation as a way to heat and cool our homes and fuel our lifestyles.

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Solar Winery 
A brand new Tennessee winery plans to use solar power as part of its operation.

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High Tunnels 
Some Tennessee nursery farmers use what are called “high tunnel” greenhouses – an inexpensive way to protect crops from temperatures that are either too hot or cold.


Recent Publications

Foraging and homing behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera) during a total solar eclipse Waiker, P., S. Baral, S. Bhatia, A. Rueppell, K. Le, E. Amiri, J. M. Tsuruda, and O. Rueppell.  2019.  The Science of Nature, 106: 4. [Abstract]

Supplemental Daily Light Integrals Influence Carotenoid Concentrations in Hydroponically Grown Genovese Pesto Basil.  Hammock, H. A., D. A. Kopsell, and C. E. Sams.  2018.  HortScience, 53(9):S492. This Poster won First Plast in the SRASHS Graduate Student Poster Competition. [Abstract]

Daily Light Integral: A research review and high-resolution maps of the United States.  J. E. Faust, and J. Logan.  2018.  HortScience, 53: 1250-1257. [Abstract]

Assessing the influence of row spacing on soybean yield using experimental and producer survey data J.F. Andrade, M. A. McClure, J. Edreira, S. Mourtzinis, S. Conley, I. Ciampitti, J. Dunphy, J. Gaska, D. Holshouser, L. Lindsay, and C. Lee.  2018.  Field Crops Research. [Abstract]

Effect of weathering on biodegradability of biodegradable mulch film Anunciado, M., L. C. Wadsworth, D. B. Cowan-Banker, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017 (poster). [Abstract]

New daily light integral maps for the United States.  Logan, J., and J. E. Faust.  2017.  Conference of the American Society for Horticultural Science, Sep 19-22, Waikoloa, HI. [Abstract]

Modeling energy balance and airflow characteristics in a naturally ventilated high tunnel Zheng, M., B. G. Leib, D. M. Butler, W. C. Wright, P. D. Ayers, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  Transactions of the ASABE, 60(5): 1683-1697 (doi: 10.13031/trans.12080). [Abstract]

Soil Solarization in Tennessee: A Pesticide-Free Method for Controlling Soil-Borne Pests in Home Gardens Canaday, C. H., and S. C. Bost.  2016.  UT Extension, W363, 3 pp.

Evaluation of steam and soil solarization for Meloidogyne arenaria control in Florida floriculture crops Kokalis-Burelle, N., E. N. Rosskopf, D. M. Butler, S. A. Fennimore, and J. Holzinger.  2016.  Journal of Nematology.

Mapping Daily Light Integrals for Greenhouse Production.  Logan, J., C. E. Sams, and J. Faust.  2016.  22nd Conference on Applied Climatology, New Orleans, LA, Jan 10-14, 2016. [Abstract]

Anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD) combined with soil solarization for root-knot nematode control in vegetable and ornamental crops.  Kokalis-Burelle, N., J. C. Hong, D. M. Butler, and E. N. Rosskopf.  2015.  Society of Nematologists 54th Annual Meeting Abstracts.

Reducing Ultraviolet-B Radiation Affects Dollar Spot Development Under Field Conditions.  Benelli, J. J., B. J. Horvath, and D. P. Shell.  2014.  ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Meetings, Nov 2-5, 2014 Long Beach, CA. [Abstract]