Solar radiation Research

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Student Solar Project 
Could bright sunlight provide much-needed power and energy? Some UT students are working to harness solar radiation as a way to heat and cool our homes and fuel our lifestyles.


Recent Publications

Effect of weathering on biodegradability of biodegradable mulch film Anunciado, M., L. C. Wadsworth, D. B. Cowan-Banker, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017 (poster). [Abstract]

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Mapping Daily Light Integrals for Greenhouse Production.  Logan, J., C. E. Sams, and J. Faust.  2016.  22nd Conference on Applied Climatology, New Orleans, LA, Jan 10-14, 2016. [Abstract]

Cambial activity of Pinus elliottii var. densa reveals influence of solar radiation on seasonal growth dynamics in the Florida Keys Harley, G., H.D. Grissino-Mayer, J. A. Franklin, C. Anderson, and N. Köse.  2012.  Trees - Structure and Function 26:1449-1459. [Abstract]

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