Sustainability Research

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Lori Allison Duncan
Extension Specialist II
Row Crop Sustainability

David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products

Patrick D. (Pat) Keyser
Native grasslands management

Tyson Brant Raper
Assistant Professor
Cotton and small grain production

Hubert J. (Hugh) Savoy
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Soil fertility/testing for sustainable production

Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant

Groups and Facilities

(2 mentions)

Center for Ag Synthetic Biology 
Unique automated platform for agricultural synthetic biology

(1 mention)

SunGrant Initiative 
Renewable energy, revitalizing rural areas, and biobased industries.

(1 mention)

Bioactive Natural Products 
Harnessing this natural 'arsenal' for agriculture and medicine.

(1 mention)

Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.



AgResearch Faculty and Staff Presented with Awards at 2019 UTIA Luncheon, 11/29/2019

Patent Issued to UT Researchers for Development of Sustainable Food Packaging Alternative from Soy Oil, 9/9/2019

Nanocelluloses: A Sustainable Solution to Combat Ice Recrystallization on Frozen Food, 7/11/2019

AgResearch Faculty and Staff Presented with Awards at 2017 UTIA Luncheon, 11/8/2017

Promotion and Tenure 2017, 10/16/2017

New Ventures | GAP Connections, 7/26/2017

High Hopes for Tennessee Cotton, 4/17/2017

Internationalizing UTIA Efforts Through the China Scholars Program, 4/3/2017

2016 AgResearch Faculty Awards, 10/6/2016

Promotion and Tenure 2016, 9/29/2016


Recent Publications

Identification of a native Bacillus thuringiensis strain from Sri Lanka active against Dipel-resistant Plutella xylostella Baragamaarachchi, R. Y., O. Weerasena, K. H. Lamour, and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2019.  PeerJ. [Abstract]

Progress and performance of multifunctional perennial bioenergy systems.  Englund, O., I. Dimiriou, V.H, Dale, K. L. Kline, B. Mola-Yudego, F. Murphy, B. C. English, J. McGrath, G. Busch, M. C. Negri, M. Brown, G. Devlin, K. Goss, S. Jackson, k. McDonnell, E.S. Parish, and H. Ssegane, J. Quinn, and J. Cacho.  2019.  WIRES Energy and the Environment, Wiley's International Reviews. [Abstract]

Biobased Surfactants: An Overview Hayes, D. G.  2019.  American Oil Chemists' Society Annual Meeting, St. Louis, 5-8 May 2019. [Abstract]

Biobased Surfactants: Overview and Recent Trends.  Hayes, D. G.  2019.  American Oil Chemists' Society China Section Conference, Guangzhou, China, 9-10 November, 2019. [Abstract]

Biobased Surfactants: Overview and Resent Trends.  Hayes, D. G.  2019.  2nd International Forum on the Science and Technology Development of Grains, Oils and Foodstuffs, Zhengzhou, China, 16 November 2019. [Abstract]

Biobased Surfactants: An Expanding Product Sector Ripe for Opportunities for Oil Palm Hayes, D. G.  2019.  International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 November 2019 (an extended abstract was prepared). [Abstract]

Biobased Surfactants: Overview and Industrial State-of-the-Art.  Hayes, D. G., and G. A. Smith.  2019.  Biobased Surfactants: Synthesis, Properties and Applications (2nd Ed), Edited by D. G. Hayes, D. K. Y. Solaiman, and R. D. Ashby, Elsevier Press, pp. 3-38. [Abstract]

Sustainability and safety of animal agriculture: emerging threats and innovative solutions.  Lin, J., et al.  2019.  The First Symposium on Plant/Animal Health and Quality/Safety of Agro-Products, Ningbo, China, November 16-18, 2019.

Professional Attitudes Toward Sustainability and Sustainability Metrics.  Ross, M. K., K. Nelson, and O. Sievers Ross.  2019.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Conference.

A spatially-explicit approach to modeling biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short-rotation woody crops in the Eastern USA Stanturf J. A., J. H. Perdue, T. M. Young, X. Huang, Z. Guo, D. Dougherty, and M. Pigott.  2019.  Energy, Sustainability and Society, 2019:9-28. [Abstract]

Carbon footprint and sustainability index of major cropping sequence and bio-cover systems under no-tillage.  Yin, X., S. Bansal, V. R. Sykes, S. Jagadamma, J. Lee, and C. Boyer.  2019.  ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting, Agronomy Abstract. Nov 10-13, San Antonio, TX.

Growth Response, Mineral Nutrition, and Water Utilization of Containergrown-Woody Ornamentals Grown in Biochar-amended Pine Bark Basiri Jahromi, N., F. R. Walker, A. Fulcher, J. Altland, and W. C. Wright.  2018.  HortScience, 53(3):347353. [Abstract]