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Robert M. (Oz) Augé
Drought biology; mycorrhizal symbiosis

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Mycorrhiza Literature Exchange 
Researchers, literature, books, and reviews.


Recent Publications

The evolution of parasitic and mutualistic viral symbiosis through transmission-virulence trade offs.  Hamelin, F.M., F. Hilker, T. A. Sun, M. J. Jeger, M. R. Hajimorad, L. J. S. Allen, and H. R. Predeville.  2017.  Virus Research 241, 77-87..

Arbuscular mycorrhiza formation and its function under elevated atmospheric O3: A meta-analysis.  Wang, Shuguang, R. M. Augé, and H. D. Toler.  2017.  Environmental Pollution, 226: 104-117. [Abstract]

Mycorrhizal stimulation of leaf gas exchange in relation to root colonization, shoot size, leaf phosphorus and nitrogen: a quantitative analysis of the literature using meta-regression Augé, R. M., A. M. Saxton, and H. D. Toler.  2016.  Frontiers in Plant Science, 29 July 2016. [Abstract]

Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis alters stomatal conductance of host plants more under drought than under amply watered conditions: a meta-analysis Augé, R. M., A. M. Saxton, and H. D. Toler.  2014.  Mycorrhiza, 25: 13-24. [Abstract]

Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and osmotic adjustment in response to NaCl stress: a meta-analysis Auge, R. M., H. D. Toler, and A. M. Saxton.  2014.  Frontiers in Plant Science, 5:562. [Abstract]

Mycorrhizal symbiosis and response of sorghum plants to combined drought and salinity stresses.  Cho, K., H. D. Toler, J. Lee, B. H. Ownley, J. C. Stutz, J. L. Moore, and R. M. Augé.  2005.  Journal of Plant Physiology.