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William E. (Willie) Hart
Associate Professor
Power and machinery

John B. Wilkerson
Sensor development

Alvin R. (Al) Womac
Equipment performance & environmental impact

George F. Grandle
Associate Professor, Post retirement appointment
Livestock Production Systems

Timothy G. (Tim) Prather
Extension Specialist I
Farm safety, AgrAbility, & precision ag

Shahab Sokhansanj
Agricultural materials handling

Joanne Logan
Associate Professor
Applied climatology & climate change

John S. Tyner
Associate Professor
Unsaturated flow and transport

Paul D. Ayers
Machine systems

Xiaofei (Philip) Ye
Value-added bioprocess engineering

Patrick D. (Pat) Keyser
Native grasslands management

Lori D. Osburn
Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Manager

Carl E. Sams
Distinguished Professor
Crop physiology

Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

Xinhua (Frank) Yin
Associate Professor
Systems agronomy

Shawn A. Hawkins
Associate Professor
Animal waste management

David M. Butler
Associate Professor
Organic agriculture and agroecology

Andrea Lorene Ludwig
Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering

Seth M. Dabney
Research Agronomist

Sean Michael Schaeffer
Assistant Professor

Renata Nave Oakes
Assistant Professor
Forage Systems and Management

Scott Lenaghan
Assistant Professor

James Mark (Mark) Young
IT Specialist III
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Thomas V. (Tom) Dailey
Research Scientist I
Bobwhite conservation

Tyson Brant Raper
Assistant Professor
Cotton and small grain production

Sarah W. Keenan
Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, paleobiology

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

Fred Douglas Tompkins
Interim Dean



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Recent Publications

Effective and efficient agricultural drainage pipe mapping with UAS thermal infrared imagery: A case study Allred, B., N. S. Eash, R. S. Freeland, L. Martinez, and D. Wishart.  2018.  Agricultural Water Management, 197 (2018) 132–137. [Abstract]

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Effect of weathering on biodegradability of biodegradable mulch film Anunciado, M., L. C. Wadsworth, D. B. Cowan-Banker, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017 (poster). [Abstract]

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Investment Analysis of Long-Term Cover Crops and Tillage Systems on Cotton Production.  Boyer, C., D. M. Lambert, J. A. Larson, and D. D. Tyler.  2017.  Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2017 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association An, Chicago, Illinois, July 30-August 1, 2017.

Investment Analysis of Cover Crop and No-Tillage Systems on Tennessee Cotton.  Boyer, C., D. M. Lambert, J. A. Larson, and D. D. Tyler.  2017.  Agronomy Journal.

Basics of Irrigation and Introduction to Systems and Management in the Residential Landscape.  Bumgarner, N. R., and B. G. Leib.  2017.  Master Gardeners Handbook Section, (ready for review).

Effect of Different Cover Crop Species on Crop Production and Soil Health.  Chu, M.  2017.  M.S. Thesis, University of Tennessee. [Abstract]

HydroLIT: southeast tennessee water quality playbook.  Collett, B. P., S. Newton, E. Phannamvong, L. Bradley, and K. Wu.  2017.  Book, Published May 2017. [Abstract]