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Kimberly D. Gwinn
Associate Professor
Plant Pathology

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology



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Beef Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennesseeís number one farm commodity - and herd reproductive health is critical. UTís Institute of Agriculture is working on research to boost cattle pregnancy rates.


Recent Publications

Intestinal regeneration as an insect resistance mechanism to entomopathogenic bacteria.  Castagnola, A., and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2016.  Current Opinion in Insect Science, Volume 15, June 2016, Pages 104-110.

Basic and Applied Research: Entomopathogenic Bacteria Glare, T., J. L. Jurat-Fuentes, and M. O'Callaghan.  2016.  Microbial Control of Insect and Mite Pests: from theory to practice, Chapter IV Lerry Lacey, Editor Academic Press.

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Characterization of field evolved resistance to transgenic Cry1Fa maize in Spodoptera frugiperda.  Jakka, S. R. V.  2013.  Ph.D. Dissertation.