Vadose Research

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Groups and Facilities

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Sub-Surface Sensing 
Ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction for mapping and exploration.


Recent Publications

Automatic Sampling of Perched Water from Vadose Zone Shallow Wells.  Rainwater, N.R, R. E. Yoder, J. B. Wilkerson, and B.D. Russell.  1998.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 14(4):399-406.

Vadose and Ground Water Quality Research on Tilled and No-tilled Paired Watersheds.  Yoder, R. E., D. D. Tyler, C. R. Mote, M. E. Essington, J. T. Ammons, and D. C. Yoder.  1998.  In Proceedings: 1998 ASCE International Water Resources Engineering Conference, Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN, August 3-7. pp. 1254-1259.