Waterway Research

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Groups and Facilities

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Center for Native Grasslands Management 
Forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.



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River Cleanup 
Agriculture students worked to clean up the Tennessee River and some of its tributaries of plant growth and trash.

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Little River Facility 
It’s long been an issue in farming – how can we be productive in agriculture and still protect the environment? UT Ag-Research has a new facility dedicated to that cause.

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Many bird species migrate to Tennessee from Canada, and take up residence on our wetlands. We are researching the importance of mudflats and how that habitat impacts shorebirds.


Recent Publications

Investigating Lock Delay on the Upper Mississippi River: A Spatial Panel Analysis Yu, T. E., B. P. Sharma, and B. C. English.  2019.  Network and Spatial Economics, 19:275-291. [Abstract]

Economic Impacts Analysis of Inland Waterways Disruptions on the Transport of Corn and Soybeans.  Yu, T. E., B. C. English, and R. J. Menard.  2016.  Staff Report #AE16-08, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Tennessee.

Effectiveness of 10 plant species in the removal of selenium from soil.  Aldrovandi, M., and J. A. Franklin.  2015.  Proceedings of the National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, Lexington, KY Reclamation Opportunities for a SustainableFuture June 6 - 11, 2015. R.I. Barnhisel (Ed.). Published by ASMR;1305 Weathervane Dr., Champaign, IL 61821. [Abstract]

US Agricultural Economic Effects of Improving Efficiency in Inland Waterway Infrastructure.  Yu, T. E., and B. A. McCarl.  2015.  Selected paper at the 90th Western Economic Association International annual meeting, Honolulu.

U.S. Grain Transportation Sector’s Economic Impacts Resulting from Inland Waterway Infrastructure Improvements.  Yu, T. E., B. C. English, and B. A. McCarl.  2015.  Selected paper at the 85th Southern Economic Association annual meeting, New Orleans, LA, Nove.

University of Tennessee - Knoxville Stormwater Management Master Plan.  Schwartz, J. S., K. J. Neff, A. Celebucki, R. Woockman, A. L. Ludwig, and J. Logan.  2013.  Research Report. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. [Abstract]

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Investigation of Phytophthora species: Phytophthora colocasiae on Taro and Phytophthora Recovered from Streams in Eastern Tennessee.  Shrestha, S.  2012.  M.S. Thesis. [Abstract]

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