Weed Research

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Gregory K. (Greg) Breeden
Extension Assistant II
Turfgrass Weed Control

James T. (Jim) Brosnan
Associate Professor
Turfgrass Weed Science

Robert M. (Bob) Hayes
Director and Professor
Weed Science

Thomas C. (Tom) Mueller
Weed science

Lawrence E. Steckel
Weed management

Josť J. (Javi) Vargas
Research Associate II
Horticultural & Invasive Weed Management


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UT Weed Tour, 6/24/2015



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Weed Olympics 
We've had an Olympic competition here in Tennessee involving ... plants. More specifically, plants we don't like or want. It's called the 'Weed Olympics' on the UT agriculture campus.

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The Story of Cotton 
A look at the history, production and uses of cotton.

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Cotton Outlook 2011 
Like much of Dixie, Tennessee is -- once again -- the land of cotton. Our state will produce nearly twice as many acres of the crop as it did just a couple of years ago.

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Sensor Drones 
Many Tennessee farmers use drones to fly over and view crops. UTIA is now working on sensors attached to drones to provide valuable information.


Recent Publications

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