Faculty/Staff Awards

Research Impact Award

Presented to a UT AgResearch faculty or professional staff member whose efforts have had a profound effect on improving efficiency, sustainability and/or economic viability of the food and fiber industry or rural areas in Tennessee. Emphasis is on the impact that an employee’s efforts in research and technology development have had on UT AgResearch clients. Additional evidence of this effect may include:

• Leadership of team research
• Consolidation of multi-disciplinary research into meaningful systems
• Innovative individual research
• Effective communication of research to clients
• Implementation/adoption of research findings by clients

2021 Feng Chen
2020 Niki Labbé
2018 Carl Sams
2017 Doug Hayes
2016 Don Tyler
2015 Roland Roberts
2014 Pat Keyser
2013 Lawrence Steckel
2012 Arnold Saxton
2011 Tim Rials
2010 Burt English
2009 Al Womac
2008 Fred Allen
2007 Neal Schrick
2006 Kelly Tiller
2005 Vince Pantalone
2003 Scott Schlarbaum
2002 Bob Hayes
2001 John Wilkerson
1999 Stephen Oliver
1998 Darrell Mundy
T. J. Whatley Distinguished Young Scientist Award

Presented to a young scientist who possesses the aptitude, judgment, drive, and interpersonal skills to have an outstanding and productive career as an agricultural scientist. Factors considered are:

• Productivity as a teacher as evidenced by the views of peers and students
• Productivity as evidenced by publication record
• That he/she addressed varied clientele of UT AgResearch by publishing not only peer-reviewed journal articles, but also addresses agricultural and general public audiences via UT AgResearch publications, popular press, field day presentations, etc.
• Quality of scientific effort
• That he/she has interpersonal skills to assist in formulating and fostering departmental programs.

2021 Phillip Myer
2018 Chris Boyer
2017 Faith Critzer
2016 Jennifer DeBruyn
2015 David Butler
2014 Jim Brosnan
2013 Federico Harte
2012 Feng Chen
2011 Matt Gray
2010 Qixin Zhong
2009 Dean Kopsell
2008 Christopher Clark
2007 Bill Klingeman
2006 Lana Zivanovic
2005 Lannett Edwards
2004 Vince Pantalone
2003 Siqun Wang
2002 Daniel Yoder
2001 Raj Raman
2000 Neal Schrick
1999 David Golden
1998 Alan Mathew
1997 Al Womac
1996 Kimberly Jensen
1995 John Wilkerson
1993 Kimberly Gwinn
1992 Jerome Grant
1990 Stephen Oliver
REC Directors Award

Presented to professional and technical staff members for their outstanding service accomplishments in support of the Research and Education Centers' mission. Criteria for selecting professional staff members include: leadership, initiative, and professionalism. Criteria for selecting technical/support staff members include: reliability, initiative, and productivity.

2018 Jimmie Duncan
2018 Yvonne Hitchcock
2018 Kim Lane
2018 Charles Summey
2018 Randi Dunagan
2017 Chris Bridges
2017 Jon McGowan
2017 Nancy Van Tol
2017 Allie Wagster
2017 Gregory Blaylock
2016 Angie Thorne
2016 Martin Schubert
2016 Fred Ray
2016 Andrew Wood
2016 Michael Corbin
2015 Terry Ferrell
2015 Steve Gibson
2015 Cyndi Petty
2015 James Morrow
2015 Jamie Evans
2014 Judy Grimes
2014 Bill Lively
2014 Samuel Norment
2014 Patrick Ray
2013 Stephen Smith
2013 Matthew Ross
2013 Dale Gregg
2013 Chad Hicks
2013 Vasilj Bobrek
2012 Patricia Brawley
2012 Ernest Merriweather
2012 Perry Pratt
2011 Bobby Terry
2011 Ann Moore
2010 Brad Fisher
2010 Donald Spivey
2009 Bennie Nuchols
2009 Scott Helgren
2008 Janet Gibson
2008 Jeffrey Dowlen
2008 Jason Reeves
2007 Gordon Percell
2007 Jeffrey Helgren
2007 Derick Hopkins
2006 David Johnson
2006 Richard Hensley
2006 Roy Biggs
2006 Generette Brooks
2006 Tracy Bush
2006 Johnny Glenn
2005 Markus Campbell
2005 James Johnson
2005 Hugh Moorehead
2005 Roger Long
2005 Phillip Lunn
2005 James Warren
2004 Samuel Simmons
2004 Charles Rankin
2004 Robert Ellis
2003 Mitchell Hatchett
2003 William Morrison
2003 Craig Miller
2002 James McClure
2002 Lanny Davis
2002 Christopher Adcock
2002 Jason Williams
2002 William Pitt
2001 Nicolas Andre
J. E. Moss Award (Research)

The J.E. Moss Award is presented in memory of J.E. and Ann Moss. It recognizes excellent achievement in research for the Institute of Agriculture. Awards are selected by the Deans of AgResearch in consultation with the UTIA Chancellor. These individuals demonstrate research excellence and collegiality in their field of research.

2018 John Wilkerson
2017 Joe Sarten
2016 Shige Eda
2015 David Stone
2014 Lee Ellis
2013 Dean Kopsell
2012 Lana Zivanovic
2011 Juan Jurat-Fuentes
2010 Niki Labbé