Burton C. (Burt) English

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  Agricultural and Resource Economics
  The Center for Renewable Carbon
Office: 308 Morgan Hall
Phone: (865) 974-3716
Email: benglish@tennessee.edu

Focus: Production Economics

  • Biofuels
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Rural Development
  • Industry Feasibility
  • Contributions of the Ag Industry
Educational & Research Programs
  • Developed and use simulation models to conduct analysis of production/environmental issues revolving around agricultural production.
  • Analysis of alternative environmental policies and impacts on production agriculture
  • Examination of alternative proposed land use changes on net farm income.
  • Impacts environmental policies have on small and medium-sized agricultural producers.
  • Impacts of biomass feedstock production on the agricultural producers as well as the regional and national economies
  • Evaluated the economic potential of developing new crops for agricultural producers and the impacts these crops might have on net farm income with a current focus on bio-energy crops.
  • Economics of producing herbaceous and short rotation woody feedstocks.
  • Evaluation of whether sufficient resources exist at a regional level to sustain a bio-energy initiative.
  • Development of long run biomass for energy supply curves.
  • Impacts on the environment of switching from coal or other fossil-fuel-based energy to bio-energy.
  • Examination of regional economic impacts of constructing and relying on bio-energy processing facilities
  • Economic and quality evaluation of switchgrass storage methods
  • Changes in carbon sequestration under a switchgrass perennial

  • Agricultural and Trade Policy,
  • Agricultural Production,
  • Agricultural Finance,
  • Research Methods,
  • Mathematical Programming,
  • Agribusiness Operations Research,
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods and Agricultural Supply Analysis,
  • Managerial Economics for Agribusiness.

Recent Publications