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Adjunct Associate Professor
  Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Office: 206 Food Sci & Technology
Phone: (865) 974-7265
Email: fede@utk.edu

Focus: Food engineering / Protein polymers

  • Protein polymers
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Nonthermal processes
  • High Pressure Homogenization
Educational & Research Programs
  • Engineering properties of food colloids
  • Rheological properties of foods
  • Nonthermal processing technologies
  • Food biopolymers and encapsulation
  • Microstructure – rheology relationships

Biographical sketch

Harte is the 2010 winner of the American Dairy Science Association Foundation Scholar Award in Dairy Foods. The award recognizes a young scholar and his or her potential in research and educational leadership, and to identify critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry.

Harte earned his bachelor’s in agricultural engineering at the University of Uruguay in 1995 and his PhD in engineering sciences from the program in food engineering, Department of Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University in 2002.

He has established a highly prolific program in dairy foods engineering and has published 32 peer-reviewed journal papers, six book chapters, and numerous abstracts and conference proceedings.

Recent Publications


Ph.D. Food Engineering, Washington State University