Dean A. Kopsell

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  • PS 210 Horticulture: principles and practices, Fall semester.

Biographical sketch

Dean A. Kopsell, an associate professor in the Plant Sciences Department, was lead author on a recently published article entitled “Increase in nutritionally important sweet corn kernel carotenoids following mesotrione and atrazine applications.” This article was selected for a press release by the American Chemical Society in their ACS News Service Weekly PressPac for July 8, 2009. This weekly service provides leads on the latest advances in science and their impact on the business world and is released to over 2,000 media outlets world-wide.

Kopsell’s ACS press release has prompted further summaries on such web sites as,, and Advocates for Agriculture and now appears on close to 100 websites around the world. In the article the authors show that small doses of herbicides can benefit human nutrition by increasing healthy antioxidants in sweet corn. Kopsell and his colleagues hypothesize that minor stress from herbicides could also increase nutritionally important compounds in other vegetables.

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