Mike Black

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Research Leader I
  Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries
Office: 274 Plant Biotech
Phone: (423) 718-3612
Email: shortleafpine@utk.edu

Focus: Shortleaf pine

Biographical sketch

Mike Black is the director of the Shortleaf Pine Initiative and is a professional forester with a background in forest industry, private consulting, and as a contractor with the Department of Defense. He has spent his career coordinating and promoting the integration of forest and wildlife management conservation and policy.

The Shortleaf Pine Initiative (SPI) was formed in 2013 to address the multiple threats facing this imperiled ecosystem. The SPI represents a broad range of public and private organizations, as well as key state and federal agencies, currently working in the shortleaf pine ecosystem. In addition, the SPI is currently forming an Advisory Committee and Planning Team to lead efforts in developing a range-wide conservation plan for shortleaf pine and launching an initiative to implement the plan's strategies and actions.

Mike, formerly of the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative, was appointed director of the Shortleaf Pine Initiative in 2014.