Michael E. Essington, Ph.D.

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  Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Office: 213 Biosys Eng Soil Sci Office
Phone: (865) 974-8819
Email: messington@utk.edu

Focus: Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

  • Applied and fundamental research to characterize the fate and behavior of plant nutrients, trace elements and trace organic compounds in the soil environment.
  • Specific areas of research include: influence of low-molecular-mass organic compounds on mineral precipitation and aqueous speciation of metal cations; site-specific nutrient management; mineralogical controls on colloid dispersion and solid phase speciation of soil contaminants; trace element adsorption-desorption mechanisms; and ion exchange kinetics and equilibria.
  • ESS 434, Environmental Soil Chemistry
  • ESS 513, Advanced Soil Chemistry
  • ESS 613, Advanced Topics in Soil Chemistry and Fertility
  • Geol. 510, Clay Mineralogy

Recent Publications


Ph.D. Soil Science, University of California, Riverside, 1985
B.S. Agriculture, New Mexico State University, 1980