Renovating REC’s

A major renovation effort is still underway at both the West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center in Jackson and the West Tennessee Agricultural Museum located at the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan. While the museum project is nearing completion, the West Tennessee Center will undergo a second phase of repairs and upgrades in 2016.

The leaky roof and gutters at the West Tennessee Center's main office building are being replaced, and workers have upgraded all of the facility’s mechanical systems and controls. In Milan, the museum received all new cypress siding, a new heating and air system, new wheelchair lift, and new energy-efficient lighting. New paint, flooring, and concrete walks will be added, as well as enhancements to the museum’s main entrance. This is the first major renovation for these buildings, which were both built in the 1980s.

The second phase of the West Tennessee Center's office building project will consist of painting, upgrading lighting, repairing damaged drywall, and replacing water-damaged ceiling tiles and flooring.

The museum has been closed to visitors during renovation but will reopen by Saturday, October 17, for the annual Fall Folklore Jamboree. While the West Tennessee Center's offices have remained open, use of the building’s meeting rooms has been limited and will continue to be restricted until all renovations are complete.

In addition to office building upgrades, the West Tennessee Center recently replaced two greenhouses with newer, larger, state-of-the-art models, increasing the Center’s greenhouse space by almost 1,000 square feet. These greenhouses are used by faculty, research associates, and graduate students with the Plant Sciences, Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, and Entomology and Plant Pathology departments.