Dr. Neelam Poudyal to Speak on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Dr. Neelam Poudyal will be presenting next Wednesday, 21 September,in the Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries (FWF) departmental seminar on public support for and economic value of containing the hemlock woolly adelgid in eastern public forests.

FWF seminar meets in 160 Plant Biotechnology Building from 12:20 1:10 pm. Refreshments and light snacks will be provided by the department. A reminder that all FWF graduate students on campus whether enrolled or not in seminar are required to attend, and faculty and staff are strongly encouraged. Seminar will start promptly at 12:20 pm so there is adequate time for questions.

For those that are interested in participating remotely, you can link to the following Zoom session here. The presentation also will be recorded and posted to the following FWF iTunes site.