Will Small and Mid-Sized Farmers Benefit from the Cellulosic Energy Industrial Complex? : A Final Report
English, B. C., M. Velandia, C. D. Garland, J. A. Larson, and Teague, F.  2011.  AFRI Proceedings.

Farmers and rural communities across Tennessee will have the opportunity to benefit from bioenergy production. The means by which this country seeks energy security will certainly have social, economic, and environmental impacts. We attended a number of sustainability workshops and have latched on to and modified a set of indicators. We have not published this yet, but are using the information in our model development exercises. We developed environmental parameters that should be evaluated periodically. Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP) is a multi-stakeholder organization established to develop voluntary production standards for sustainable biomass production. The focus is on environmental indicators and developing practices that minimize negative environmental impacts while considering cost as a barrier to participation. The goal of the CSBP is to create a market for sustainable biomass through grower recognition and certification programs It is my understanding that CSBP has included considerations for small and medium size farms.