Angling activity, use patterns, and angler's evaluations of fishery quality and management at the Marben public fishing area
Roop, H. J.  2015.  M.S. Thesis.

angling success, use, and the human dimensions of angling at the Marben Public Fishing Area (PFA). Results from a year-round creel survey and angler interview indicated that fishing effort at fishery rapidly increased during spring, peaked at approximately 21,856 angler-hours in May, and subsided to an annual low of 1,301 angler-hours during December. Catch and harvest estimates varied proportionally in response to fishing effort, and sunfish Lepomis spp. represented approximately 78% of catch and 83% of harvest compositions. Anglers ranked the quality of fishing at Marben PFA 6.45 (SD = 2.19) on a scale from 1 to 10, and several variables were related to fishing quality perceptions (e.g., total target fish caught, fishing location, driving distance, ethnicity). Recreational vehicle traffic entering Marben PFA was variable throughout the survey, confounding the development of a passive effort-estimation system. Anglersí perceptions of fishing quality may be improved by managing for a greater variety of fishing experiences among the impoundments (e.g., trophy ponds, high catch rate ponds).