Changes in the Use of Precision Farming Information Sources Among Cotton Farmers and Implications for Extension
Edge, B., M. Velandia, D. M. Lambert, R. K. Roberts, J. A. Larson, B. C. English, C. Boyer, R. Rejesus, and A. Mishra.  2017.  Journal of Extension, 55,2: 2RIB2.

Using information from precision farmer surveys conducted in the US southern region in 2005 and 2013, this study evaluates changes in the use of precision farming information sources among cotton producers. While Extension remains an important source for producers interested in precision farming information, the percentage of cotton producers using Extension to obtain precision farming information has decreased over time. Results from this study should motivate Extension to re-evaluate the precision farming information they provide and the current practices they use to provide this information to producers in order to maintain its importance as an information source.