What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: A Look Back at 125 Years of Managerial Economics and Accounting
Hodges, D. G., L. Zadnik-Stirn, W. Sekot, V. A. Hoeflich, and J. L. Peyron.  2017.  Interconnecting Forests, Science and People, p. 79, In: Book of Abstracts from 125th Anniversary Meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Freiburg, Germany.

The disciplines of forest economics and accounting have evolved substantially since the establishment of IUFRO. In fact, both areas have largely emerged since the organization's founding in 1892. Although attention was focused on the economics of forest management before Faustmann's 1849 work, forest economics as it is understood today was recognized as a separate discipline much later. Since that time, forest economics and accounting have evolved substantially. These include a number of significant contributions to forestry and resource economics such as economic tools to assess traditional forest management alternatives and multiple use forestry, national accounting procedures to incorporate the forest sector and its contributions, green accounting, valuation techniques for non-market and non-timber forest goods and services, multi-criteria decision tools, and contributions to sustainable forest management. This presentation will review this history of forest economics and accounting since the late 1800s, offering insights into the primary contributions of the disciplines and serving as an introduction to the subsequent forward looking presentation in this session. Additionally, the history of IUFRO Working Group 4.05.00 and its contributions to the disciplines will be reviewed.