Biobased Surfactants: A Useful Biorefinery Product That Can Be Prepared Using Green Manufacturing
Hayes, D. G.  2018.  American Oil Chemistsí Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, 6-9 May 2018.  (invited)

Biobased surfactants, readily prepared from common biorefinery process streams and commonly employed as emulsifiers, wetting agents, plasticizers, and agents for lowering surface and interfacial tension, are becoming increasingly popular for use in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. This trend is driven the enhanced environmental sustainability provided through use of renewable resources, increased abundance of biobased feedstocks resulting from development of biorefineries, and concerns for the increase of cost for petroleum in the future. Although most biobased surfactants are manufactured by chemical means, their preparation via bioprocessing is very attractive for future employment due to further enhancement of sustainability and potential savings in energy, downstream purification, and disposal costs. This presentation provides an overview of current research and development to prepare biobased surfactants