Determining Effective Minimum Grade Requirements in Early Prerequisite Courses to Ensure Student Success in Animal Science
Mann, M.M., C. J. Kojima, L. Schneider, and A. M. Saxton.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science, Volume 96, Issue suppl_3, 7 December 2018, Page 493.

Many students struggle within an Animal Science curriculum, even when prerequisites are required as preparation. Placing minimum grade requirements on prerequisites (for example, requiring a grade of B or better in a prerequisite course) may improve student success by ensuring that well-prepared students can progress further, while identifying students who should consider alternate majors early in their undergraduate program. To determine effective grade restrictions, performance in prerequisite freshman-level courses was analyzed in conjunction with performance in Animal Anatomy and Physiology (ANSC220; expressed on a grade point scale of 04.0, where 2.0 is considered satisfactory). Prerequisite Biology courses are BIOL101 and BIOL102 (a sequence for non-Biology majors), or BIOL150 and BIOL160 (designed for Biology majors). Freshman-level Animal Science courses include ANSC100 and ANSC160. Grades in ANSC220 were compared using separate ANOVAs (SAS Institute, Cary, NC) for students who received grades of A vs.