Increasing Charcoal Efficiency for Brooding Broiler Chickens in Rural Rwanda
Mihelic, R., E. R. Urban, T. Gill, M. O. Smith, and B. H. Voy.  2019.  African Journal of Poultry Farming, in press.

Rural family poultry production can promote food security and provide income. One challenge facing smallholder poultry producers is the need to brood chicks during the first few weeks of life. In rural Rwandan communities, access to consistent electricity and modern brooding methods is uncommon. Therefore, the traditional method of burning charcoal in clay ovens is used to heat chicks. The rise of charcoal prices in Rwanda has reduced the profitability of poultry rearing. This study examines methods of charcoal reduction for rural small holder (100 bird) poultry farms in Rwanda’s Northern Province. A >50% reduction of charcoal consumption was achieved.