Tennessee Consumer Willingness to Pay for Disposable Dinnerware Molded from Wheat Straw
Gill, MacKenzie, K. L. Jensen, D. M. Lambert, S. Upendram, B. C. English, N. Labbé, S. jackson, and R. J. Menard.  2019.  Journal of Food Distribution Research.  (in press)

Wheat straw, a wheat byproduct, can be used in making disposable dinnerware. This study uses a contingent valuation survey to measure consumer willingness to pay for wheat straw dinnerware bowls (WSB). Consumers would pay a premium ($1.33) for a 25-count package of molded WSB over the same size package of conventional bowls. Target markets include those who spend more on disposable dinnerware, but also those who have greater concern about reducing GHG emissions/climate change. Recyclability, no plastic, USDA Certified Biobased, and compostability are more important attributes to consumers than no tree cellulose being used in making the disposable dinnerware.