Expert Webinar - Biosurfactants: Cost Effective, Healthier and Sustainable Surfactants
Hayes, D. G., P. Somasundaran, and E. Acosta.  2011.  Knovel Webinar, 10/25/11, 151 attendees, 257 registrants.  (invited)

In this one hour webinar, you will learn about the current industrial status of biobased surfactants, the potential for “green” manufacturing, and novel applications for biobased surfactants. Surfactants are ingrained in our everyday lives. We use them in cleaning agents, paints & coatings, foods, personal-hygiene & cosmetics, lubricants, and products for environmental remediation among others. Manufacturers and users of surfactants are challenged by rising petroleum prices and demand for healthier, sustainable products. These concerns are driving increased interest in the utilization of bio-based surfactants. Experts will share real-world experience on the cost effectiveness of biobased feedstock, reducing environmental impact, increasing product safety and how biosurfactants perform against petroleum-based materials