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Integrated Pest Management Research Projects

The UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Extension Center continues to be a valuable and productive field laboratory site supporting several ongoing studies directly valuable for pest-monitoring and management across TN landscapes, nurseries and forests, including:

Landscape/Forest Pest Trapping and Identification
Survey traps at UTFRREC have revealed many species of longhorned beetles (+ 50 sp.), metallic woodboring beetles (~37 sp.), clearwing borer moths (~20 sp.), and scolytine bark beetles (? sp.); trapping and ID efforts are ongoing.

Pest Monitoring using Flowering Phenology
TN phenology garden sites use pheromone traps to help monitor ornamental plant flowering times and track seasonal emergence/flight activity of economically important nursery & landscape pests; Sites have also featured weed management and durability trials with bioactive and experimental wood mulch products.

Thousand Cankers Disease & Walnut Twig Beetle Biology
Biology & interaction studies between trees & fungi are in progress. Pityophthorus juglandis beetles are introduced from the western U.S. and vector TCD of black walnut.

Research personnel check pest traps:

Researchers check pest trapsResearcher check cankers pest trap

Projects include TN State Univ., Purdue Univ., US-Forest Serv., Auburn Univ., USDA-ARS, UT Entomology and Plant Pathology, & Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries, & TN Dept Agric. collaborations.

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