Corn is one of Tennessee's top agricultural commodities.  From corn we get food, feed and fuel.  Plus, there are thousands of additional applications and alternative uses.  For example, corn can be used in the production of plastics, textiles, dyes and certain medicines.

Researchers at the West Tennessee Research & Education Center evaluate different corn varieties along with weed and insect management techniques to ensure this important sector of the state's economy remains profitable.


Current UT Research Projects at WTREC are...

  • Providing corn growers with weed management information
  • Determining the value of new Bt corn traits for Tennessee producers
  • Evaluating the impact of seed treatment and foliar insecticides on insect control and yield
  • Helping producers control glyphosate tolerant freeze damaged corn
  • Evaluating new stacked SMARTSTAX traits for efficacy on caterpillar pests in corn