Matthew J. (Matt) Gray

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  School of Natural Resources
Office: 274 Ellington Plant Sciences
Phone: (865) 974-2740

Focus: Amphibians and ranaviruses

Biographical sketch

Matt Gray, an associate professor in the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, recently published the first review of the ecology and pathology of amphibian ranaviruses. The article appeared in the international journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. Gray is studying the ecological and evolutionary relationships between this pathogen and its amphibian hosts. He is also studying the influences of humans on wetlands and the management of wetlands for sustainable use.

Ranaviruses have caused mass mortality of amphibians on four continents, with known die-offs occurring as close as Knox County and in Cades Cove of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gray has two book chapters in press, one book chapter published, and seven peer-refereed journal articles with colleagues and students on ranaviral disease.

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