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Virginia Pine (Pinus virginiana)

Virginia Pine Needles Virginia Pine (also known as Scrub Pine) is one of the more common native pines found at the Arboretum. Its twisted, yellowish-green needles are borne in bundles of two, a characteristic that helps distinguish it from Shortleaf Pine which has straight needles in bundles of 2-3. Trunks of older Virginia Pine retain many dead limb stubs below the canopy. The flaky bark is light brownish orange to gray-brown. The seed cones, which require 2 years to mature, have scales with thickened ends bearing slender, stiff prickles. Pollen cones develop in the spring and produce copious amounts of pollen.

Virginia Pine Bark Virginia Pine Cones Virginia Pine Seed Cones

Virginia pine, which may grow up to 70 ft in height, is a pioneer species that becomes established in open areas created by fire or other disturbance. The presence of older Virginia Pines in the Arboretums deciduous forest reflects a history of forest development on abandoned farmlands. Research at UT on Virginia Pine has included studies of genetic and environmental variability that influence tree growth and productivity.

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