Chuck Denney, Narrator (UT Institute of Agriculture)
From ponies to thoroughbreds, Tennessee is a big state for horses – more than 140-thousand statewide. Horse owners want these beautiful animals to stay healthy, and now there’s a new place dedicated to their treatment.

'I am thrilled to welcome you to the opening of our new equine hospital...'

Chuck Denney
UT’s College of Veterinary Medicine just opened a 21 million dollar Equine and Farm Animal Hospital that includes 85-thousand square feet of new and renovated construction. Here people tour the hospital at its recent opening ceremony. Physical therapy will be a key feature here.

Dr. Steve Adair (UT College of Veterinary Medicine)
“Probably the crown jewel of it is what we’re sitting in right now, which is the equine performance and rehabilitation center. There’s not another one like it in the United States.”

Chuck Denney
The hospital will include stem cell and hyperbaric therapy for healing wounds. This horse was treated for burns using a hyperbaric chamber. There’s also a free walking exercise system, cold saltwater spa treatments, and an in-ground underwater treadmill.

Dr. Steve Adair
“We’re finding now that if we start utilizing some of the same rehabilitation techniques that they do in humans, that we can not only shorten the length of time that horse has to be laid up, we can also improve the quality of the product at we return.”

Chuck Denney
Animals will benefit from this center, and people too. Leaders at the Veterinary College say this will provide educational opportunities for future vets who may practice large animal medicine, especially in rural parts of Tennessee – where there’s a real need.

​Dr. David Anderson (UT College of Veterinary Medicine)
“So our mission here is to educate students to go out into practice primarily. Some of our students go on to specialization, but many of them go into private practice. We need to be able to do that on multiple levels.”

Chuck Denney
Dr. David Anderson says the new equine center will feature many high tech surgical options for horses.

​Dr. David Anderson
“This particular surgical suite here is a soft tissue surgery suite, so ligaments and tendons and lacerations and eye surgeries and things like that. We have another surgery suite that’s dedicated to orthopedics.”

Chuck Denney
More than one million animals have been treated at UT’s Vet school since it opened in the 70’s, including more than 14-hundred horses in the last year. If the equine industry is to continue to grow, we’ll need advances in medical care for horses.

Of Note: ​The new equine hospital will also include an advanced imaging center for MRI’s, and an intensive care unit.