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Kerr Hollow Heritage Trace - Properties

In 1942 - the year that the federal government acquired property for the Manhattan Project - there were seven properties that fronted on the portion of Kerr Hollow Road that now lies within the borders of the UT Forest Resources Center and Arboretum. Each of the links below give a brief description and photos of these properties. The information and photos presented here was generously provided by Mr. Daniel Raby whose family owned property in the area. More information about the Manhattan Project and Mr. Raby's collection of photos taken by the federal government is available at various locations in the area and in many publications - some available at the Oak Ridge Public Library. A note about the photos: We are presenting these photos as digitized by Mr. Raby from the original government photos and have only made minor adjustments in size and clarity.

Clyde Foster (Property E 404)

H.H. Hackworth (Property E 419)

Mollie Kerr (Property E 426)

J.L. Kerr (Property E 402 and E 427)

Josie Robinson (Property B 134)

W.R. Scarbrough (Property B 132)

J. Walters Taylor (Property E 403)

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