Cotton Yield Monitor

Developed by Dr. John Wilkerson, a biosystems engineer with the UT AgResearch, the Cotton Yield Monitor is an important advance in precision agriculture. Learn more about it.

Precision Farming

Many consider yield information to be the most important part of a site-specific crop management system. In a relatively short period of time, grain yield monitors have become integral tools for many grain producers. Learn more about it.


The Milan Research and Education Center is considered a leader in the No-Till technology movement. Each year our research saves millions of tons of Tennessee soil from erosion. Soil erosion is not only devastating to farms, but it also pollutes our water, damaging wildlife habitats and contaminating our drinking water supply. Through reseach, we combat soil erosion by continually improving No-Till's ecological benefits. Learn more about it.


With a state-of-the-art biorefinery in East Tennessee, the Volunteer State is positioned to become a leader in the field of bioenergy. Switchgrass grown on Tennessee farms can now be converted into cellulosic ethanol. Here at Milan, researchers are finding ways to increase efficiency in switchgrass production. Learn more about it.

UT Agronomic Variety Trials